Exit 23 At Salute! [SPONSORED POST]

12 April 2024
Promising mindblowing paint rages, and fun narrative driven skirmish games, Exit 23 Games are the home of Turbo Dork paints, easy to get into games, and a real focus on sustainable packaging. If you're looking for great-quality, tried-and-tested games, paints, and accessories this year, visit Exit 23 Games at Salute 51. 

We heard directly from Chris at Exit 23:

What's new for Exit 23?

We continue to carefully curate our collection, opting to sell products we love. We choose products for their quality, usefulness, joy or the new ways a product helps us express ourselves. 

Relicblade continues to grow in new and wonderful ways. Since the last Salute, a new Solo/Coop ruleset and campaign have been released. Later this year, we'll be adding Cursebreaker to the range. At Salute 51, you'll be able to play solo and co-op in the Catacombs of Kural. If versus is more your style you'll be able to play against a friend (or foe) as one of you attempts to lead a Yak carrying provisions across hostile territory. We'll have several gorgeous demo boards set up to help you immerse yourself in the world of Relicblade. 

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What is Relicblade?

Relicblade games are played on a 2"x2" board allowing you to play almost anywhere. There are even rules to play on a square grid, making relicblade an excellent gateway game for board gamers unfamiliar with measuring distances in miniature games.

Each faction comes with the cards you need to play them, so once you have the core rulebook, you can play any new faction without buying additional books. On top of that, each faction comes with a scenario to play through. Sean Sutter is the creator, artist, game designer and sculptor behind Relicblade, and we love the world he's created.

Relicblade is different from your typical fantasy game. Humans and elves fight it out with Battle Pigs and Shrimp Harboonists. Gnomes ride into battle on foxes and magic carpets. Iguans, Crab warriors and Ape Trolls all search for lost treasures. The game is quick to learn and play, and the miniatures are an absolute joy to paint.

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What's special about Turbo Dork Paints?

The Turbo Dork range is better than ever, with a new formula and amazing new colours. We love how easy the paint is to use and how quickly you can take a pile of opportunity and produce an army that stands out on the tabletop. The range of metallics enables you to glow up any of the established 40K and Age of Sigmar paint schemes. In addition, their Turboshift paints provide incredible colour-shifting effects perfect for any fantasy and Sci-fi setting. The Zenithshift paints are designed to be two colours in one. Fae Wylds, for example, over a black undercoat, presents as pink, while over white, it shows as green. The range of colours is huge, so come and take a look at the samples in our store and prepare to be inspired!

Lastly, why Red Grass Gaming?

We sell the Red Grass Gaming accessories because they make painting easier, more comfortable and enjoyable. Long before we became a stockist, we used Red Grass wet palettes and painting handles, so it made sense to put these great products into a collection. Come and see them in action at Salute as one of our favourite painters, Adam Cunis joins us to demo our range of paints and accessories. 

Find Exit 23 at Salute Wargames Show at TA01!


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