Dungeons & Dragons inducted into National Toy Hall of Fame

11 November 2016
1110_THF-22070.jpg D&D first appeared in 1974
Seminal RPG joins Monopoly, Scrabble, Game of Life, chess and draughts in The Strong museum’s collection

Arguably the world’s most iconic tabletop game, Dungeons & Dragons, has earned a place in the National Toy Hall of Fame.

The RPG, which first appeared in 1974, was nominated alongside board game Cluedo and card game Uno for this year’s additions to the collection in The Strong museum in Rochester, New York.

Non-game contenders included Transformers, pinball, Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, Nerf, Care Bears, colouring book and bubble wrap. Fisher-Price Little People and the swing joined D&D as 2016’s inductees.

The three new additions join dozens of toys and games in the 18-year-old Hall of Fame, including Monopoly, Scrabble, The Game of Life, Twister, chess and draughts, as well as the Game Boy, Lego, Atari 2600 and playing cards.

There’s not enough words here to full explore the importance of D&D to not just tabletop gaming, but both niche and mainstream culture as a whole. Since the game was first published four decades ago, millions of players have used it to expand their imaginations, develop important skills and – most importantly – have fun.

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We’ll leave you with two of the statements included in Wizards of the Coast’s announcement of the induction, which do a lovely job of summarising why D&D deserves its place.

"D&D has become a rite of passage for children of a creative temperament,” said lead designer Mike Mearls. “It's incredible to think that what started as the marriage of tabletop wargames and pulp fantasy novels has become the iconic storytelling pastime for multiple generations.” 

Wizards associate brand manager Shelly Mazzanoble added: "Dungeons & Dragons is not just a game – its legacy has been a part of our culture for generations. But perhaps its most important influence is with the positive impact it has made on children and adults in the form of enhanced social, math, analytical, reading, writing, and creative skills and friendships that have lasted for decades. It is an honor to be part of a team that continues to fuel an inextinguishable spark of imagination for years to come."


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