Dice Theme Park Coming Soon to Kickstarter by Alley Cat Games

18 June 2020
Theme parks aren't open right now, but dice are forever!

Way back (well, it feels like ages ago!) in 2018 we reviewed Dice Hospital by Alley Cat Games and had great things to say about it (it was totally sick). So with Alley Cat Games announcing another dice game, with Dice Theme Park, it’s safe to say we’re pretty excited.


As you can guess from the title, this time you’re creating and running your own fairground attractions. It’s reminiscent of an early 2000's computer game, in the best way, and you’ll be playing as a park manager trying to create the most successful theme park in the area. It’s described as the spiritual successor to Dice Hospital, with it being a little more interactive and slightly more complex.


The gameplay has a number of components: the dice represent theme park customers, but you’ll need to efficiently move your dice around to activate the most rewarding rides to get more points and money for your theme park. There’s also a card-based turn initiative mechanic, where the players select two cards each turn, and the lowest total gains first choice of customer dice and ride tiles that round.


The game was designed by Daryl Andrews and Adrian Adamescu with lead development by the Dice Hospital co-designer Mike Nudd, and Sabrina Miramon. It’ll be for ages 14 and over, for 1-4 players, and take between 75 and 90 minutes to play.


As it’s early in the completion stages, you can still sign up to be a play tester. The game is featured on its site, and you can sign up to its newsletter for more information, or join its community group on Facebook, where you may even find competitions for great prizes. 

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Dice Theme Park is set to hit Kickstarter in Q3/Q4 2020, with likely release from that being in 2021.



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