Corvus Belli Countdown to Black Friday With These Deals

19 November 2020
No, it's still not Black Friday, yes, you can save some money

In theory, Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving in the US, where everyone goes and shops for Christmas presents, and now has become one of the biggest sale and retail days in the year. For us, that means there's a ton of gaming deals available to us, and given its importance, many have started their sales earlier in the year. That includes basically the whole month for Amazon, plus Warlord Games began theirs early too. 


Joining the ranks is now Corvus Belli, who are previewing what deals you'll be able to get from November 27th 2020, which we've summarised below.


To begin, it's worth noting, they're offering free worldwide shipping for orders over €200. It may sound like a lot, but when you see the deals, you may find yourself reaching that quicker than you thought! 


They begin their gift guide with a Christmas related pack, which offers the Yuan Fat Yuan Miniature and a pair of Christmas socks - as you do! These of course, "you won't have to wash - as the Yuan Yuan firmly believes that "in space, no one can smell your socks"."


There's also the opportunity to start playing Infinity. Now, if you spend over €60 on Infinity CodeOne products, you'll get a CodeOne Rulebook for free too.


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And if that wasn't enough for the Infinity Collection, there's also 40% off of the JSA Army Pack, the USAdriadna Army Pack, and then 10% off of the Nomads Action Pack, Combined Army: Shasvastii Action Pack, 0-12 Action Pack, and the Tartary Army Corp Action Pack, PLUS a deal where you can buy three starter packs and get the fourth for free.

This same offer is available for Dire Foes.

If you're looking for something a little different from them, there's also Aristeia! Buy three and get the fourth free for expansions, the same for Skins, and there's a 15% discount on accessories.

Finally, if you purchase Prime Time or the All-In-One Bundle you'll get the online store exclusive ‘Catch your Breath’ card for free. 


Don't forget, Corvus Belli gave us a studio update at Virtual Tabletop Gaming Live! If you missed it, or want a recap, take a look below. 


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