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24 April 2020
Happy Friday!

Over the past month we’ve seen the landscape change. Gone are the little social contacts we could have, as well as the larger conventions we’re used to. Until things calm down, normality is just sort of in limbo.


TTCombat have looked to bring us some light in spite of this though. Knowing that a great bonus for participators at conventions is the exclusives that they can offer, and given the number of conventions and shows has been significantly reduced, they haven’t been able to offer these... so, to make up for it these are now available from your sofa (other comfy seated areas are available), as TTCombat are now offering all of their show exclusives to purchase online from its webstore.


It’s a celebration of the reopening of the TTCombat webstore, but it’s worth noting that this is understandably on reduced staff – please be patient as with all under these circumstances.


So what can you get? Well, there’s plenty to choose! From a Pungari Thresher Hive Ship, to a Plague Doctress, to a Rumbleslam Referee… but you’ll need to be quick as some are already selling out, and they’re only available until May 1st, 2020!


There’s even an EAA Columbus Battlewalker, which was a Dropzone Commander 2019 Event Exclusive. It’s a new type of vehicle, ‘Recovered during the Battle for Earth, the Columbus has been scavenged by Resistance forces as well as those of the UCM and PHR once they arrived planetside’. Plus, it looks cool, and that’s always a bonus.


We’re still hoping to see TTCombat, plus all of you at Tabletop Gaming Live in September, and tickets remain on sale. Hopefully we can be your beacon at the end of all this, and that TTCombat can keep you from getting too bored in the meantime!

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You can buy these from the webstore, but remember to be quick!






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