Brandon Sanderson meets board games in The Stormlight Archive

26 May 2020
The fantasy world mashup we didn't realise we needed

Brandon Sanderson is an uncrowned King of fantasy books, with a staggering number of publications to his name. If you don’t know him from his Mistborn series, then you may know him from The Stormlight Archive, and if you're a fantasy fan but don't recognise either – well, he’s worth a look, and you can thank us later. The Stormlight Archive is an epic fantasy series due to span ten books, with three published and a further due for release this year. It sets out a vast world of magic full of intricate regions, on the planet of Roshar.


A perfect setting, one might consider, for a board game, and it seems that Brotherwise Games agreed. They've announced Call To Adventure: The Stormlight Archive, an epic storytelling game, where you’re challenged to create original heroes, face challenges, and build the character with the highest destiny plate using the Call To Adventure game system. You might face a Thunderclast, or journey to the Cognitive Realm, or even wield Shardplate, enjoying the best and worst of Roshar and the world created by Brandon Sanderson.


The game will be released initially within the USA on July 1st 2020, with international availability coming this autumn. Should you purchase, you can choose from the Core Game at $39.95 or the Deluxe Edition at $44.95. The core game contains over 150 cards, 24 rules, 60 experience tokens, 4 player boards, and a full-colour rule book. The Deluxe Edition (currently an extra $5) provides a “premium bookshelf-ready-package”, two foil art cards, and a 48-page art book named A Worldhopper’s Guide to Roshar. There’s also a bundle available for premium accessories at $79.95, which provides the deluxe game, custom card sleeves, and the Call To Adventure Playmat.


You can find more information on its future release over on the Brotherwise Games website where pre-orders are exclusive, but we’ll look forward to this one becoming available overseas!

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