Black Box Adventures offer their newest game to Kickstarter: Adventures in Neverland

08 April 2020
Second star to the right and straight on till Kickstarter.

We’ve all been there, you’re thinking of a story from childhood, and wondering why one of the characters made the decisions they did. Why was Horrid Henry not nicer? Why did Winnie the Pooh not open a honey factory? Why would Edmund agree to a Turkish delight, one of the most horrible of all confectionaries?


To a lesser, and much more focussed extent, that’s what new Kickstarter Adventures in Neverland is looking to consider, asking the question of how would the story have finished if you were the main character? Instead of the above however, it’s based on the original Peter Pan book by J.M. Barrie we’re all familiar with, meaning you could play as the boy who never grew up, the notorious Captain Hook, and/or four other familiar characters as you explore the island of Neverland.

Adventures are narrated through story cards, happening, and side quests, and in order to win you’ll need to accumulate the most adventure points. The story is dependent on the choices made by the player, and so the initial stories can be played multiple times with different outcomes. You may find a ‘happening’ occurs, which is read by the second player on your right­ (you see what they did there?) and so is a secret to the initial player. If that’s not enough, there’s also special locations, tasks, and encounters, which differ in outcome depending on who you’re playing as.


As a result, the game provides cooperative and competitive game play, and its makers, Black Box Adventures, confirm it to be for 2-4 players ages 12 and over, with playtime approximately 30 minutes per player.  A sense of nostalgia is a pretty much a must for this game.


Adventures in Neverland launches on Kickstarter on 28 April 2020, which you can see by clicking here

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