Aqualin and Crazy Fishing Come to Thames & Kosmos

10 July 2020
With My City on the way too

Thames & Kosmos are known for their innovative science games and continue to seek to inspire hands-on learning experiences by providing a carefully curated list of board games from renowned authors and designers. With this, we sometimes get the news of some great titles being available from them, and today is no different. 

First up is Aqualin: 


Aqualin is a 2020 game designed by Marcello Bertocchi, who you may recognise from other games such as Vivaldi, and is a two player strategy game. Described as "visually delightful" (and we have to agree), the players will attempt to group together matching tiles to try to form the most groups, be those colour or type of sea creature, and the biggest group gets the most points to win the game. This will retail at £18.50.


Then we have Crazy Fishing:

Part of the DEVIR board game range from Thames & Kosmos, this is a family game for ages 6+, for 2-6 players. You'll become fishermen trying to catch the biggest fish in the sea - and certainly the bigger fish than your fellow player. Over a number of rounds, the best fish gets the best points, and the most points wins the game. This will retail at £22.

It's worth noting also a final addition, though this will not become available for a few weeks yet, in My City:


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“We are also eagerly awaiting the arrival of My City”, Jo Drage, Sales Director announces. This hotly anticipated Spiel des Jahres nominated game is due to arrive at the company’s warehouse in a few weeks’ time. “We are certain from the interest generated via our social media channels that this game will be a bestseller over the summer and a must-have addition in the trade’s board game selection”, Jo Drage concludes.

My City is a family-friendly competitive legacy game, in which players will develop cities through the ages over 24 episodes. 

In fact, we'll have a review of it in our next magazine (issue 45), so be sure to check it out!



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