Alien: The Role Playing Game gets TWO additions

27 April 2020
Space really isn’t your friend.

It’s hard not to automatically think of Ridley Scott’s Alien film series when Alien is mentioned. However, now the Alien franchise has a new contender, in the games inspired by it.  Back in February 2020, we reviewed Alien: The Role Playing Game, and recommended it. Not only that though, we called it “one of the best choices out there”. Now, we’re told in August 2020 Free League Publishing are offering us even more, in the form of two expansions for Alien: The Role Playing game.


The first is a cinematic scenario named Destroyer of Worlds, written by sci-fi novelist Andrew E.C. Gaska, and is a gauntlet of one hell after another. You’ll play as colonial marines in this boxed game, receiving not only the scenario book, but a double sided map, five pre-generated characters, custom cards for equipment, and player maps and handouts.


The second is the Alien RPG Starter Set. With this, you’ll gain a 104 page rulebook designed to support the core themes of Alien, a 48 page cinematic scenario from Andrew E.C. Gaska, five pre-genrated characters to play, a full colour map, 84 game markers, 56 high quality custom cards, and a set of engraved Base Dice and ten stress dice which were designed specifically for Alien RPG.


Set in the year 2183, there’s political distrust and an unsettling increase in conflict between rival sectors in space. Was the destroyed colony a test site for bioweapons, destroyed by a warship? Was the Company working with a rogue nation to assume control? It’s a dangerous time to be alive.


Due for release in August 2020, you can pre-order the Alien RPG Starter Set, and/or Destroyer of Worlds on the Alien RPG website to bag your copy- and you'll also get complete PDF's ahead of launch. 

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