A Board Game Version of Frostpunk Announced!

15 June 2020
Video game to board game, and we can't wait

In 2018, we saw a city building console game that went on to be nominated for a BAFTA, called Frostpunk. It look at a post-apocalyptic world n the 19th century, where climate change was ignored until it was too late, and now an ice age has struck the world, leaving those survivors desperately seek warmth and food, with evacuations ordered, and shelter sought. The game was highly reviewed, with many commenting on the phenomenal approach to emotions that it took – decisions are tough, but you’ve no choice to make them, and you’ll feel the consequences of that decision throughout.


It sounds like it would make a fantastic board game, and that’s exactly what Glass Cannon Unplugged seemed to think. The newly formed studio, made up of Jakub Wiśniewski (creator of This War of Mine: The Board Game) Michał Ozon, (former COO of publisher Phalanx), and independent author Adam Kwapiński, (worked towards titles such as Nemesis and Lords of Hellas), alongside 11 bit studios, who created the original console game, announced Frostpunk: The Boardgame.




The game itself will be morally complex and highly challenging, with the same emotional feel that the console game held. It will mimic the story of the games, however it’s not yet clear as to how this will present itself in a physical game. Having said this, Glass Canon Unplugged has made clear that the citizens won’t be speechless pieces, but society members have demands and will react to the mood, which reinforces the requirement and feeling that actions have consequences. It’ll be the players who decide how the people are treated, and what role you play, and importantly, how you govern.


The game will be for up to four players, taking on the role of leaders in a small colony, needing to effectively manage infrastructure and citizens. The game will be released to Kickstarter in Autumn 2020, with updates being promised on its site and socials.

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