40% off the Original Spelljammer (and 16,831 other D&D downloads)

09 May 2022
Big savings available in the DriveThruRPG sale

It was a mere fortnight ago, that Wizards of the Coast announced the return of Spelljammer at D&D direct. Long teased in posts on social media, the hype was real with the original 1989 adventure – space travel and space, perhaps most easily compared to Treasure Planet for the uninitiated – coming to 5E in August this year. Across three hardcover books, it'll offer a campaign setting book, a monster manual for space, and an adventure set in the astral plane. 

The subsequent excitement over its return has led to many a nostalgic discussion of the original 2E version of the game, which offered multitudes of words in the Wildspace – and there's little surprise as a result it's been included within DriveThru RPG's May D&D sale

The original Spelljammer: Adventures in Space (2e) has been reduced when purchasing the Multiple file formats, in either softcover or hardcover, from the latter being $39.98 to $31.98. The subsequent adventure The Legend of Spelljammer has been reduced from $9.99 to $5.99.

Also included are CGR1 The Complete Spacefarers Handbook, MC7 Monstrous Compendium Spelljammer Appendix, SJR8 Space Lairs, and SJR6 Greyspace. You can find the set for all prices by clicking here to see the DriveThru RPG website.

Of course, the sale itself offers up to 40% off of tons of D&D related books, not simply Spelljammer, and includes homebrew creations, previous editions, and popular contributions. Shop the full sale here, running throughout May 2022, and including other popular titles such as Minsc and Boo's Journal of Villainy, a number from the Lazy Dungeon Master Series, Ancestry & Culture: An Alternative to Race in 5E, and many more - in fact, a whopping 16,837 items are included within the sale. 

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