Our Predictions for Future Disney Lorcana Cards

01 September 2023
With 100 years of magic to choose from, here’s what we think will get to be included in Disney Lorcana

Today marks the wide release for Disney Lorcana and already countless fans (ourselves included) are looking ahead to the future possibilities of this charismatic collectable card game. With the announcement yesterday on their official twitter account that plans are already underway for a reprint to try and meet the demand, it’s clear to see that the game is massively popular.


If Ravensburger wants to keep players cracking booster packs and buying new cards, they know that they’ve got to keep introducing beloved characters from across the history of Disney into the game. We’ve worked our own magic and tapped into our inner Ilumineer to try and conjure up five predictions for what will be added to the game in the future!


We’ve listed these from most to least likely and mocked up our own ideas for what cards could look like. To clarify, THESE ARE NOT REAL CARDS OR SPOILERS. However, if either Ryan Miller or Steve Warner see these and want us for freelance design work, feel free to drop us an email!


Before anyone asks, you won’t find Star Wars or Marvel anywhere on this list. Both franchises have already got their own cards games, with Star Wars Unlimited launching next year and Marvel Champions now in their 4th year of new sets and expansions.


With that now addressed, let’s explore our predictions for future Disney Lorcana cards!


1. Kingdom Hearts

This is both the least likely to happen and the one I really, REALLY want the most! The Kingdom Hearts video game series by Square Enix is now over twenty years old and probably the most successful Disney video game series ever. Being able to have Sora join forces with Donald and Goofy as they quest to save Lorcana from darkness would be amazing.


Our dream version of Sora from Kingdom Hearts as a Disney Lorcana card


Despite being a massively popular franchise (the most recent game Kingdom Hearts 3 has sold over 5 million copies) it’s rarely touched on by Disney in other media, likely because the characters original to the series are likely owned by Square Enix. That being said, I could definitely see a series of promotional cards of characters like Mickey wielding a keyblade or even Sora and the gang appearing in the artwork for action cards being released in Japan, becoming highly sought after by collectors across the world.


I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for Sora, Riku and Kairi to appear as their own characters, along with keyblade item cards that can be wielded to characters for cool abilities, or even cards that let you visit different Disney themed worlds aboard the Gummy Ship.

Speaking of Disney World…

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2. Theme Park Cards

Disney are just as proud of their wonderful theme parks across the world as they are their films, with Disney Lorcana being reportedly sold at various locations in and around their theme parks. There’s so many great characters and songs that have been created specifically for the theme parks which would be absolutely awesome to see in Disney Lorcana. The designers have already said that all cards will always be distributed worldwide, but that’s no reason why full-art or shiny versions couldn’t be available exclusively in the theme parks.


Our dream version of It's a Small World as a Disney Lorcana card


Whilst you have beloved characters like the purple dragon Figment or the spooky inhabitants of the various Haunted Mansions, there’s also toe-tapping songs like “It’s a Small World” or “There’s A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” which would easily bring a little Disneyland magic to your table.


If they really wanted to push the boat out, we could also have a new type of card for attractions, with characters exhausting to let them ride Space Mountain or Pirates of the Caribbean for powerful effects. Of course, there are other ways that they could include Pirates of the Caribbean…


3. Live-Action Films

So far there have been no announcements for anything other than animated films/cartoons being part of Disney Lorcana. With 100 years of animations to choose from you might feel that there’s more than enough for them to include into the game. But I know fans will be eager to see some of their most favourite live-action films get incorporated into the world of Lorcana.


Whilst I doubt many people are holding out hope for Flubber or The Shaggy D.A. getting included (despite the latter having one the greatest cinematic moments of all time) there’s a lot of potential for films like Pirates of the Caribbean, Mary Poppins and Hocus Pocus to have their iconic characters, songs and moments become included in the game in a future release.


Our dream version of Captain Jack Sparrow as a Disney Lorcana card


For extra credit, I’m going to make an even more specific guess about a potential future set’s theme: since 2007 there have been celebrations in the Disney parks under the banner of “Pirates and Princesses,” with shows and events encouraging kids to dress as their favourite swashbuckling heroes and magical heroines. I could easily see a set releasing around spring (when the parks usually have their P&P season) focused around Peter Pan, Pirates of the Caribbean and Princess and the Frog, mainly so they can include cards for Jack Sparrow and Tiana, but secretly so we can have crocodile cards like the jazz-playing Louis or clock-crunching Tick-Tock. I’m going to treat myself to a booster box of the set if it ever exists.


2. Touchstone Classics

Whilst there’s not many films that released under the now defunct Touchstone Pictures banner, I can think of at least two which will undoubtably end up in Disney Lorcana eventually (and no, neither of them are Gnomeo and Juliet).


Who Framed Roger Rabbit could already be included in both Theme Parks and Live-Action Films, but I feel that the loveable rabbit and the motley assortment of original characters from the film are an easy shoe-in for a card, even the poor Toon Shoe who gets cruelly dipped by the genuinely terrifying villain.


Our dream version of Jack Skellington as a Disney Lorcana card


However, the biggest fan-favourite film that was released under Touchstone, one that is probably the most merchandised series after the big mouse himself, is The Nightmare Before Christmas. I only have to type the title and you’re already singing “This Is Halloween” in your head, aren’t you? Jack Skellington and the many heart-warmingly horrifying inhabitants of Halloweentown are EASY picks for future inclusion, especially when most people already consider it to be a Disney animated film anyway.


1. Pixar

This is going to happen. Let’s be honest, it can’t not happen. Toy Story, Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Coco, Ratatouille, I could just list every Pixar film released and you’d still be able to find hundreds of massively popular characters, songs, items and moments that would seamlessly slot into the world of Disney Lorcana.


Our dream version of Buzz Lightyear as a Disney Lorcana card


As it’s less a question of ‘if’ they’ll include Pixar and much more ‘when,’ I would put good money on Ravensburger waiting a while until we see Pixar characters appear, because the moment they do will be a major release. If I had to narrow it down, I could easily see this being their one-year anniversary set: after three other sets showcasing other elements of Disney’s history, with fans crashing down the doors begging to see Buzz or Woody, BAM, big blockbuster release entirely comprised of Pixar moments, instant sell-out.



And that’s our list! Agree with our predictions? Think we’ve missed something major? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter and we’ll check back in a year from now to see what we got right!


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