How to Win a Disney Lorcana Community League: A Guide

21 August 2023
The ultimate guide on how to win exclusive prizes at your local game store

It’s been a massively popular weekend for the newly released card game Disney Lorcana, with lots of players across the country opening their first decks and packs to play with at their local game stores. Ravensburger have gone above and beyond to help your brick-and-mortar game shops, which are always the best place to enjoy any tabletop games.



In addition to these stores being able to sell Lorcana products two weeks earlier than the 1st September worldwide release date, many of these stores will also have been sent a Community League kit, with enough prizes to run three month’s worth of events to enjoy ‘The First Chapter’ of Lorcana. Here’s what you need to know to play in these leagues and win those prizes.

Where can I play Disney Lorcana?

Any independent games store that sells Disney Lorcana is eligible to run a Community League. You can look for your nearest store on our online directory or search online to find a store near you. If they are selling Disney Lorcana, ask them if they are running a league. If they are, they’ll be able to tell you what time and day you can come in-store to play games that will count towards league points for each month!

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How does a Disney Lorcana Community League work?

A league is made up of three rounds, with each round taking four weeks. A lot of gaming stores will have started this weekend with the release of Lorcana, but some might still be waiting until 1st September; check with them to find out when it begins. In each week, players can earn league points (which are tracked on a sticker chart) for all sorts of Lorcana-related activities.


The most common way will be to play games of Disney Lorcana, as you can earn two points for winning a match and one for participating. You can also earn points for bringing a new player to join the league, teaching someone how to play Lorcana in-store and even for playing with fun themed decks! The latter option is decided by your store, but of the official Ravensburger kit suggests that points be awarded for completing certain achievements, like having a Hero and Villain out in play at the same time, or building a deck with cards from up to two different franchises.


Whichever way your league decides to give out bonus points, the important rule is that you cannot earn more than 10 points each week. It’s designed so it’s possible to earn 10 points on one league night, but it means players who come each week to play will be more likely to win the league.


What do you win in a Disney Lorcana Community League?

Once a league round is finished, the player with the most points will get two foil cards of their choice from the trio of Hei-hei, Yzma or Mickey Mouse AND a character pin, which for this season is either Ariel or Scar. If there is a tie for first place then the organisers will randomly choose one player to be that round’s winner.

Once these awards have been given out, every player in a round who earned at least 3 points (meaning you only need to sign up and win one game to be eligible!) will get a random promo card, with three lucky players also getting a random character pin, meaning there’s always a chance for you to win something for participating in a league.


After three rounds have been completed, the final season awards are given out: a special Lore Counter goes to the 6 players with the most points overall, whilst anyone who earned at least 8 points in the season is entered into a random draw to win a Lorcana Title badge.



It’s as easy as that! Play games, visit the store regularly and take home some fancy prizes! Have fun playing Disney's Lorcana. You can learn more about how to play Disney Lorcana trading card game here


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