Disney Meets Magic: The Gathering in Lorcana

31 August 2022
Ravensburger announces its first TCG

Directing Disney themed tabletop games at the adult market has proven popular - from The Op's Disney Sorcerer's Arena, to Ravensburger's Villainous (seen not just in game stores, but every day supermarkets and bookshops alike) – and whilst these have spread through the fields of board games, skirmish games, and RPGs, there's not yet been a trading card game of note. At least, until today, where Ravensburger has confirmed Disney Lorcana, coming in Autumn 2023. 

“The breadth and scope of Disney characters represented in this game will be unprecedented, and it will contain more original Disney artwork than any other single product ever created,” said John Balen, Vice President of Product Design at Disney. “Our dedicated Disney product design team has enjoyed collaborating with Ravensburger and our Walt Disney Animation Studios partners to create a unique Disney experience for fans of all ages to take home.”

The game is described as featuring beloved Disney characters in original and reimagined artwork, which will be easy to learn trading card game but offer strategic depth at the same time. Without information on gameplay, we'd expect this to likely sit between Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering in difficulty level, making it appeal as a collectable to a younger audience (in a way a Charizard might), but without the complexities of Magic: the Gathering that will allow for a younger audience to also enjoy. 

Disney have been notoriously cautious with their game market licensing after a stream of unsuccessful video games (though notable exceptions to this exist, such as Kingdom Hearts), and this shift to drastically expand further into the tabletop gaming market – especially with the level of art required for ongoing collaboration – may represent a wider move into the market, following recent successes. 

There's no word as to whether this will lead to tournaments and championships, but with an emphasis on gameplay as much as collectability, there's a good chance this will crop up in future. The first seven characters will be viewable at Disney's yearly expo D23, and the game will be released from Autumn 2023, with four new card sets per year. 

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