Everything you need to know about Eldfall Chronicles [SPONSORED]

15 February 2024
Discover swashbuckling adventures, captivating magic, and fast-paced tactical gameplay in Eldfall Chronicles – the ultimate skirmish miniatures wargame set in the unique world of Calad. Whether you crave solo or cooperative adventures, intricate miniatures, or engaging quests, Eldfall Chronicles has something for every taste!

Eldfall Chronicles is a fantasy and RPG-inspired tabletop skirmish game with unique and collectable miniatures that immerses the players in a world where battle is commonplace. 

You will face both conflict and ancient terror against which you must depend on your own skill and cunning to prevail. Alternatively, you can join forces with trusted allies and face the battles together! Players can enjoy two styles of play, either pitting their skill and tactics against each other or teaming up against the game itself. 

Gather your champions, clash with your opponents, tame terrible beasts, and survive to tell the tale! 

Eldfall Chronicles Gameplay 

Engage in thrilling player vs. player matches with 3-4 models per side, offering in-depth control and a unique perspective in the miniatures wargame genre. 

The gameplay centres on achieving quest goals, emphasizing manoeuvring and controlling space around them.  The Action Reaction system ensures constant player engagement, making each game a dynamic experience lasting about an hour or less. 

Additionally, the game provides a cooperative and solo experience through AI cards, enabling it to control hostile creatures for you and your friends to face together. 

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Eldfall Chronicles Backstory and Lore 

Eldfall Chronicles unfolds in Calad, a mysterious realm where history is veiled in secrecy. The world is shaped by four major forces, occasionally sparking border skirmishes when ancient secrets emerge. The north holds the Empire of Soga, a feudal and militaristic society, while the south features the advanced sun-worshipping Helian League. To the east, the Coalition of Thenion is a roguish, hedonistic union dedicated to moon worship, and in the west, the Sand Kingdoms thrive as a magocracy valuing knowledge and skill.  

Next-Gen Miniatures 

Of course, no miniatures wargame is truly complete without the hobby aspect. Eldfall Chronicles features high-quality, next-generation miniatures crafted from Unicool hard plastic, a new type of resin. Enabling them to possess exceptional detail and dynamism while maintaining durability, the miniatures animate characters on the tabletop through dynamic poses, distinctive styles, and an impressive level of detail.  

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Northern Wind – Stand-alone Solo/Cooperative Expansion 

The tale of Calad evolves continuously through Chronicles, a series of narrative-driven quests expanding the world, factions, and allowing players to script its history on their own gaming tables. 

The first of the Chronicles is the Eldfall Chronicles: Northern Wind, a stand-alone expansion, a narrative dungeon crawler. While fully cross compatible with the skirmish game Eldfall Chronicles, it includes a multitude of ways for you to customize your heroes, from levelling up, to finding unique equipment to learning how to cooperate with your fellow heroes and execute a series of combo moves! 

Successfully funded in June 2023 through Kickstarter, Northern Wind's pre-orders (late-pledges) are open for those eager to join the adventure.  
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Eldfall Chronicles organised play 

Despite being a young game, Eldfall Chronicles offers diverse modes of play, compelling decision-making, and stunning models. It is fully supported with regular releases and updates, with the organised play season starting in March 2024. Exciting developments await – stay tuned for the future of Eldfall Chronicles! 

If you would like to stay up to date with news, feel free to sign up to receive the Eldfall Chronicles newsletter, or visit the official Eldfall Chronicles website.  



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