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Syrinscape Online

Turn your online gaming sessions into an epic experience with Syrinscape’s Online Player!

Simply put, the Online Player is a way to broadcast the sounds of Syrinscape to all of your players, in perfect sync and full quality, anywhere in the world. Since it’s a standalone app, it works regardless of the voice chat and virtual table top apps you prefer to use. To get started, create a free Syrinscape account then download and run the Online Player. From there, you’ll be prompted to link your account to the app. That’s it! Anyone with a free account can join a game.

If you want to run a game using the Online Player, you’ll need to create your account and sign up for a SuperSyrin Subscription

Then follow the steps to link to your account the Online Player. From there, the GM can send invite links to the rest of the party to get everyone connected.

Now that the band of adventurers are together, it’s time to play!


Whether you’re using the Online Player to help create the setting of an encounter or using all the heart-stopping battle sounds and music, Syrinscape is there to help deliver a one-of-a-kind experience unlike any other! 


Learn how to setup the Online Player using the below video from Syrinscape: