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Dinosaur World

On Kickstarter now!!! New standalone game in the Dinosaur Island universe.

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Introducing... Dinosaur World. ­­­­­­­­­­­­
The chaotic throngs of amusement park adrenaline junkies and crafty hoodlums have long been silent. The dream of billion dollar dinosaur theme parks came crashing to a halt after waves of class action lawsuits pushed the likes of Lewis Leviathan and PandaGen into bankruptcy and permanent closures. As the technicolor dreams of the ‘90s crested into a new decade, so too did our fair dinosaur theme parks.

It’s now the early aughts, ipods on everybody, and the world is ready for a new set of upstarts and young entrepreneurs. These wide-eyed and bushy-tailed companies are eager to bring dinosaurs back to the world once again. This time without the pesky issues of consistent and ever-enumerating fatalities like the parks of old. It’s up to you, our new park leaders, to create a world so toxically fun and enticing that the entire world will line up to get inside.

The new Dinosaur World is an archipelago of stunning islands. Directors must arrange them in the best path for your spiffy, new park jeeps to plunder the depths of fun. Create brand new dinosaurs from DNA slices, visit new attractions that make the Clever Grill seem like a distant eye roll.

In Dinosaur World, where and how you layout your park matters. You’ll build routes for Jeeps to drive on and will want to hire the correct worker type for the attractions your Jeep visits. This is a whole new park and a completely different experience. Route building, program movement, adjacency bonuses for buildings that make sense next to each other and, of course, tons of new Dinosaur types. But please make sure and stay true to your promise to keep fatalities at bay. You know what happened to the last owners. We wouldn’t want that to happen to a bright mind like yourself!

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