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Meet The Team

A group of boardgame enthusiasts who are committed to high production quality

Independent. Game. Development
A life without games? Unthinkable for us! MAD MAKI Boardgames (MMB) – founded in 2013 – is a team of experienced concept & graphic designers, illustrators, animators and 3D artists. All of them are united by their passion for games. We realize our own visions and choose the platforms that best fit our ideas. Good games are not a question of big budgets. As an indie developer, MAD MAKI Boardgames is primarily concerned with first-class gameplay and clever, fresh game concepts. We deliberately focus on board and card games.

We want to create – together

   • Wolfgang M.Eck: Founder of MMB, Author, Lead Designer and Lead Concept Developer

   • Matthias Brinkmann: Co-Founder of MMB, Lead Adviser and Lead Tester

   • Jonathan Abbiss: Lead Artist and Concept Art

   • Vanessa Schuhmacher: Lead Artist and Character Design

   • Johannes Fuchs: Illustrator and Concept Artist

   • Thomas Mueller: Lead 3D Artist

   • Aaron Sartin-Bethell: Lead International Communication 

   • Katharina Zauner: Web Team, Content and Graphic Design

   • Lukas Fedorowicz: Technical Adviser (Web + App)

   • Markus Kemminer: Content, Editing and Proofreading 

   • Alexander Bader: Programmer and Technical Advise

Creativity happens – always
Developing games requires special creativity. We have plenty of it – and we have been using it successfully in other areas for many years. One of our greatest strengths is our versatility – and the urge to constantly break new ground. Of course our enthusiasm for games influences everything we do. It keeps us from falling into routine.

Today MAD MAKI Boardgames is part of 2be, Germany, a company founded in 1998. Its managing directors are themselves passionate players and support creative ideas of all kinds. For the production of our games we access the large network of 2be, Germany.

A game is always a very personal experience among friends. That's why: high-quality production provided by an experienced manufacturer has top priority.

Our Kickstarter campaign starts November 11, 2020. Please follow and support.

Thank you very much.
Wolfgang – Master Arwyn – Eck
The Author


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