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Lost Ones on Kickstarter October 13th

Lost Ones on Kickstarter October 13th

Become a Lost One!

Imagine falling asleep in your bed… only to wake up kidnapped. The clang of weapons and screams echo in your ears. Suddenly your crate is overturned and you feel momentary weightlessness then a thud, and nothing. When you come to, you are finally free. Standing in the middle of an empty battlefield you find yourself in a strange world that is not your own. That’s where the mystery begins.

Lost Ones is a cooperative adventure game for 1-4 players is the latest design from Gordon Alford, who brought Of Dreams and Shadows to life. Using tile placement, a story guide and a card management system, your character will try to unravel the mystery of their kidnapping before the next dawn comes. Using the skills they have been given in the Ability, Boon, and Bane decks and their own innate talents the characters will try to find a way home. With the art talents of Steven Priesman and the work of the Greenbrier Games team we are excited to share this next adventure with you! Lost Ones will be launching this fall on Kickstarter in late September! More details about Lost Ones can be found here.

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