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Playing the game

How do you start?
Shuffle the cards and lay out a nine-by-nine grid of monster cards with their faces down. Leave three empty spaces in the centre. You can place the “13 Monsters logo card” there. 

Place the five dice so that every player can reach them.

Start combining
Always ask yourself, ‘can I build a monster?’. If the answer is yes, you’ll have to build a monster right away.
When can you build a monster? As soon as you’ve found a top, a middle and a bottom, even if they’re not from the same creature. 

Found a matching pair of monster cards (A monster set)? Then your turn starts over. Do other players have a monster set that you need? Start trading! If you have a complete monster you can skip trading all together and battle other players for their monster sets.

There are 4 different types of monsters to create:







Collect 4 and become the elemental master
There are 5 different elemental icons. 1 Ghost and 4 elements that each have 3 monsters. Collect  and create 4 monster OG’s of each element to become the elemental master and instantly become the winner of the game.