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Play Steam Up from Hot Banana Games

Steam Up is a competitive 2-5 player light-medium weight collection and actionmanagement game that provides a cultural experience. Step into the shoes of an excited customer to the legendary Dim Sum restaurant, Steam Up.

Holding the coveted Gold Ingot status and known around the world for their mouth-watering food, Steam Up is the perfect setting to challenge other players in a competitive feast. Using a turn-based action system, card mechanics, and the ability to buy your own dishes, players have one goal: devour as much Dim Sum as possible and leave the table with the most satisfied stomach!

Steam Up has a delicious theme that brings people together to experience the unique culinary culture of Dim Sum, by combining a love of food and tabletop gaming. It has a captivating table presence with distinctive thematic components including irresistible Dim Sum and stackable steamers on a Lazy Susan turntable. For players who are familiar with Dim Sum, this game may trigger a nostalgic feeling that stimulates them to revisit their favourite Dim Sum restaurant.

For players who are new to this culture, we hope this game will spark their curiosity to try Dim Sum on their next food adventure.


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