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Playtest: The Lonely Undead

Lonely Undead is a versatile board game for 1-4 players who wish to experience awesomeness through the eyes of the Undead! In Lonely Undead you assume the role of a recently turned Z (Zombie) who is lost, confused, and...lonely.
Your main goal is to make friends. How does a Z make friends? Well, by biting them, infecting them, and turning them into one of their own.

Help your Z (and maybe other Z's) make friends by causing ruckus, foiling other's plans, and biting the locals in this fun and unique new type of zombie game.

Playtests will be held at the following times using Tabletop Simulator via Steam and Discord will be used for voice chat. The game will be taught and led by a representative and sessions will be scheduled for 3 hours (max). It's very possible the sessions will run shorter than this. There will be four spots available for each session and the spots will be filled first come by reservation. Participants must have Tabletop Simulator on Steam, Discord, a working microphone, and the willingness to enjoy themselves for the full allotted amount of time. Spots must be reserved by at least one hour before scheduled playtime.

Please email [email protected] to reserve a spot.
Title the subject line SSPT: (the date/time slot of your requested session).
You will receive a link to the game upon confirmation of your spot. We look forward to playing with you!

Saturday 03/27 10:00am CST (UTC-6)
Saturday 03/27 3:00pm CST (UTC-6)
Sunday 03/28 10:00am CST (UTC-6) 
Sunday 03/28 3:00pm CST (UTC-6)

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