November 2020 - Issue 48

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Call of Cthulhu | Under Falling Skies | Tekhenu

On Sale: 23/10/2020

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What's in this Issue?

Issue 48 of Tabletop Gaming Magazine is getting spooky, with an EXCLUSIVE scenario for Call of Cthulhu – take a group of friends into the heart of a private library, and discover what evil lies within those tomes. Plus, we have an interview with the master of monsters himself, Mike Mason. We talk about Chaosium’s new ‘big book of monsters vol I & II’ that is the Malleus Monstrorum and get some tips for keeping your monsters frightful and players scared while playing Call of Cthulhu.

What’s in the issue?
Streets – We get a tour of Streets, the follow-up to Villagers, with Haakon Gaarder. We discover the characters and places of this new set collection and tile laying in the spirit of Carcassonne. 
Tekhenu – Dávid Turczi talks us through his collaboration with Daniele Tascini in what might be the pinnacle of Eurogaming fun. Join us in the shade of the obelisk for a game of Tekhenu.
Under Falling Skies – On top of all this we have an interview with Tomáš Uhlíř – the creator of Under Falling Skies, a solo-only game that invokes Independence Day as much as it does Space Invaders.
Planet Apocalypse Painting Guide – Yes, there’s even more monsters in this issue, with our Planet Apocalypse Painting guide. Dive in to our great guide to making these horrors more horrible in more colours
The Soloist – What makes a good Gateway Solo Game? We explore first steps into solo gaming in our new column, The Soloist. 

Plus: How We Made: The Networks, Have You Played: Alone, Around The World In 80 Plays: Finland

30 Games reviewed in this issue, including

Tiny Epic Dinosaurs
Detective: Season One
Small World of Warcraft
Dungeons & Dragons Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Party
Mysterium Park
Europe Divided
Ride the Rails
Rome & Roll
PLUS many more!

Ready to settle down for an evening of horror with our exclusive Call of Cthulhu scenario? 

Don’t forget to pick up the starter set if it’s your first time, or dive deep into the game and the lore with the keeper and investigator books, all available from our store

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