May 2020 - Issue 42

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On Sale: 24/04/2020

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What's in this Issue?

Issue 42 is fighting a war on all fronts just to contain its gaming goodness. Will you be able to sustain a habitable city, or will you slink off to the underworld? All of this awaits in issue 42 of Tabletop Gaming Magazine.

Defence of Procyon III – we talk to David Turczi about his newest and maybe most ambitious game yet. A two-board space-and-ground conflict that tries to find the sweet spot between wargames, Ameritrash and Eurogames. Has he hit the bullseye here?

Dungeons & Dragons - The Explorers Guide to Wildemount Review – we deep-dive into Critical Role’s official D&D book and discover whether adventuring in the world of Wildemount is a critical success, or a critical fail.

How to Play RPGs Online – in these weird times we hope to offer a little guidance about how to play RPGs online. We cover what you need and the etiquette that will ensure it’s still fun when you get to your virtual table.

My City – Reiner Knizia, who needs no introduction, invites us to visit and build his new settlement in My City. A game that blends legacy and city building mechanics while retaining a high level of accessibility.

Court of the Dead – Running the underworld is hell, but if we work together, we can make it a better place. We talk to Tom Gilliland about curbing our greed and making the most of our current situation.

The Roll Player Universe – rarely does a game series span so many different mechanics. We explore the wildly diverse ecosystem of the Roll Player games.

And we’ve got even more with How We Made focusing on the Celtic themed Inis and Bruno Cathala’s Kingdomino in All The Jahres.

And of course, we’ve reviewed a ton of games, including:
Dungeons & Dragons: The Explorers Guide to Wildemount, Shadows of Kilforth, Clinic: Deluxe Edition, D&D Dungeon Mayhem Monster Madness, Oriflame, Miyabi, Black Void, Wavelength, Expedition to Newdale and many more!

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On sale 24/04/2020

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