May 2019 - Issue 30

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What's in this Issue?

Want a free pack of #PokémonTCG cards from the brand new Sun & Moon – Unbroken Bonds set? 

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Inside the mag you’ll find our bumper celebration of the Pokémon Trading Card Game as DetectivePikachu hits cinemas, with fans and pros telling us why they catch ‘em all – and why you should join them! ⚡ 🔥 🌿 💧 
In a trading card game special, we also take a look inside the UK home of YuGiOh!, hearing how the card game plans to make its 20th anniversary its biggest year yet 🎉

🧱 Jenga creator Leslie Scott tells us how she invented the iconic brick-pulling classic
🌉 Ticket To Ride designer Alan R. Moon shakes things up with Aftershock: San Francisco & Venice
🖌️ Discover the hidden graphic designers behind the stunning visuals of your favourite games
🐄 Inside the weird and wonderful universe of the Secret Unknown Stuff trilogy of board games
📚 The 10 best boardgames based on books
⭐ Reviews of Lord Of The Rings: Journeys in Middleearth, Res Arcana, Hellboy, Museum, Call to Adventure, Victorian Masterminds, Warhammer 40000ShadowspearJohnCarter of Mars RPG, Corinth, Red Alert and more

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On sale 26 April 2019

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