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On the cover we have Defend The Village: it’s a samurai skirmish scenario for any rule set; We have an interview with Mark Fastoso; Gross Beeren Napoleonic (with a rules download); Command Decision is a Fantasy conundrum; Sepoys & soldiers covers the process for making a short, playable set of rules for Wellington in India (all with downloadable rules and play sheet). There’s a Scratch Build double with a Crashed SF crawler or Far Eastern houses. Last Word from Simon Chandler, SELWG organiser. Plus all the usual news and reviews.

On Sale: 12/08/2022

What's in this issue?

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What's in this Issue?

In the July edition – number 473 of Miniature Wargames – we have another great issue covering all aspects of the hobby.
On the cover we have Defend The Village: It’s time to whip out your katanas it’s a cinematic samurai skirmish scenario, suitable for any rule set you may choose (but keyed to Osprey’s Ronin).

In Send Three and Fourpence Mr Kinch carries out an interview with Mark Fastoso: rules creator extraordinaire and one of the chaps behind the YouTube channel Little Wars TV.

In Gross Beeren we have a big Napoleonic game in 15mm with some suggestions, guidance and a simple rule set free to download.

In Command Decision Jon Sutherland offers a generic Fantasy conundrum.
Return of the Reaper suggests you dust off some old figures and rules but it’s suitable for any rule set. 

In Sepoys & soldiers we cover the process for creating a short, playable set of rules for Wellington in India. Complete with downloadable rules and play sheet.

We have a double scratch build for the readership covering very different gaming environments: in the Road To Mandalay we have a Far Eastern dwelling scratch build (useful for Defend the Village right up to the modern day); whereas we also have the chance to scratch build a crashed vehicle for a Stargrave scenario or similar SF environment.

Finally – we have the usual review sections with a crop of Figures and rules in Defence in Depth, plus Quartermaster for Modelling and scenery reviews, and we have Forward Observer for news and Recce for insightful book reviews. 

Last Word Features contributor David Mustill, Broadside organiser.

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