March 2020 Issue 443

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March 2020 Issue 443

On Sale: 14/02/2020

What's in this issue?

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What's in this Issue?

What's in this Issue?

•    On the cover is Viva Mexico: Revolutionary 20th century scenario & Black Powder rules adaptation
•    Exclusive scenarios: Tuttlingen, in the 30 Years War; The Lost Morddhic Killing Fields for Warmachine & Hordes; Minnows Against Sharks for Black Seas; The Boxroom for Infinity; Iwo Jima scenario for Bolt Action; The Great Train Heist for Malifaux; War in the Far East: Black Powder for the Boxer Rebellion. 
•    There’s Quatre Bras in Command Decision
•    We have a guide to fast painting in Send Three & Fourpence
•    Building a Thatched Hovel plus construct your own watchtowers with our free card scenery!
•    Club Spotlight: the Bexley Reapers.
•    Last Word by Mike Hutchinson
•    All the usual news and reviews

on sale 14 February 2020

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