June 2019 Issue 434

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PLUS two FREE Cruel Seas models worth £6

On Sale: 10/05/2019

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What's in this Issue?

A Cruel Seas triple bill: not only two FREE models (worth £6) with a painting guide, but The Spout: a naval scenario for an alternate D-Day; and Jaw-Jaw & War-War: an interview with John Stallard.
In Send Three and Fourpence there’s an interview and a scenario for Rangers of Shadow Deep.
In Shilluk we have an exclusive new army for Death in the Dark Continent.
In Command Decision we have a Hastings conundrum 
Paint A Winner: Talking the trade with a pro-painter.
The Blue & The Grey rules modifications for ACW in 15mm.
Ambush a Skirmish Sangin scenario.
On The Case How to pack your troops
A report on the Salute show.
Wargames Widow’s Windows!
All the usual news and reviews.
On sale 10 May 2019

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