Miniature Wargames Issue 472

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In the August edition – number 472 of Miniature Wargames – we have another stonking issue all aspects of the hobby. On the cover we have Big Guns: Cretan Beach Assault. It’s the Oltramarini Assault during the Ottoman–Venetian War 1668 and it’s another Command Decision to contemplate!

On Sale: 08/07/2022

What's in this issue?

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What's in this Issue?

•    On the cover we have Big Guns: Cretan Beach Assault. It’s the Ottoman–Venetian War 1668!
•    LOST UFO: Part 2 is the rules for  a game inspired by a ‘70s TV series all about stopping an Alien invasion!
•    Send Three and Fourpence: Having a Shufti is part two of a Cold War scenario for Black Ops rules.
•    Battle of the Bridge: an introductory scenario for the new Wars of Orcs & Dwarves rules by Buck Surdo.
•    In Live Free Or Die it’s The Battle of Tippecanoe: a prequel to The War of 1812.
•    Sex Aleae: can you play with fewer dice?
•    Open fire: A trip to Broadside 2022.
•    Scratch Build: we build a Slaine style Dark Ages Roundhouse.
•    Last Word from David Mustill.
•    All the usual news and reviews.

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