Superfly Review

12 April 2021
A game worthy of buzz

Superfly is like the ‘hold my Panda-Pop’ of family friendly card games. Superfly starts off as a simple card collection game, veering towards games like Uno, with a ‘fly’ theme (sadly not the 1986 Jeff Goldblum vehicle) in the form of adorable artistry on the cards demonstrating a range of ‘baby’ to ‘grown-up’ flies. That cuteness is overshadowed by some un-‘bee’-lievable components, because actually, what other game offers you a flyswatter in the box?

Unlike the garden variety flyswatters, each of the flyswatters in Superfly house a different coloured six sided dice underneath a Frustration-esque dome. As cards are laid out in front of you (one for each player minus one, so you’re drawn into competition for the cards you want), you’ll use the flyswatter on the count of three to swat the card you’d like to add to your hand. If you swat the same as a fellow player, the highest dice roll number wins. Got the same number? You lose the card, and you’ll need to exchange your hands.

Not only is this fun to see, but it serves the purpose of breaking up any tie disputes, which, when playing with younger family members, is wholly appreciated. Is it gimmicky? Of course. But it adds a tactile element to keep things interesting. That, and the instructions are brief, meaning it shouldn’t ‘fly’ over anyone’s heads. 

In fact, the only part that might ‘bug’ you is that this is really a family only game, and it won’t hold up at an adult game night for long. However, there’re only so many games that successfully bridges the gap for a much younger audience, and this does that really well. For a pleasingly tactile game, that sits in the inexpensive range, it’s safe to say the family are buzzing about this one. 

Charlie Pettit


Designer: Thomas Brückner & Anja Dreier-Brückner

Publisher: Iello

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Time: 20 minutes

Players: 3-5

Ages: 6+

Price: £17

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