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20 May 2021
Cats cradle anyone?

Sit down and relax for a moment, and cast your mind to the game Pictionary. Got it? Now, what would you do to change it up a bit? Draw different things? Change the medium? Merge it with another game? Well, if you make it so you have to draw suggestions made by the card you pick and the card below it, use a piece of string to draw with, and add a charades element into it, with– well, bam, you’ve created Stringamajig

There are some interesting mechanisms in Stringamajig. Firstly, you use a looped piece of string similar to a shoe lace to complete your drawing. You might think that’s pretty simple, but wait until you’re trying to replicate a guitar with it, and I can promise that what looks clear and obvious in your mind with your finished creation, certainly doesn’t to your fellow players. Then you have the fact that whilst the string may be lifted, at least part of it must stay on the table, giving you scope to engage with your inner AmDram and act your way to victory, though hindered by the invisible tether as gravity becomes your enemy. 

Then there’s the cards themselves, which give you a number of options for what you’ll be drawing, but it’s the numbers on the back of the next card in the deck that dictate which of those you’re allowed to pick from. Some of those require another person to help, some require you to close your eyes, and so on. 

There’s very little wrong with this game, other than it seems perfectly pitched for a family game, but comes with a recommendation of 13+, seemingly to fit into the party game market. It certainly can do that, but with a little tinkering it could have even wider appeal. Whilst it has its funny moments, it’s not one you’d necessarily reach for when the friends come around. However, if you like charades, and/or you like Pictionary, you’ll love Stringamajig

Charlie Pettit

Play it? Probably

Designer: Romain Caterdjian

Publisher: Fireside Games

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Time: 20 minutes

Players: 4-10

Ages: 13+

Price: £20

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