Rolling Realms Review

29 June 2022
Chunky dice, colourful cards and terrific solo campaign

Your aim is to earn the most stars by playing nine different mini-games over three rounds. Each player has their own set of eleven mini-games on cards, with one player selecting three at random each turn for everyone to play. The variability is huge as there are over 15,000 possible combinations of mini-games. As optimum dice rolls vary for every mini-game, each combination of three selected will provide different challenges and synergies.

All mini-games are named after one of Stonemaier's big release games and there’s a nod to the theme or mechanics of each game, though some nods are more subtle than others. In Wingspan, for example, you’re filling squares with numbers and scoring bonus points if the sum matches the target wingspan shown. In Tapestry, polyomino shapes must be fitted into a 3x3 grid to cover rows and columns, like a tapestry.

Each turn you use one die value in one game and the other in a second game, in an attempt to earn stars and bonus icons. And it’s these bonuses, liberally sprinkled, that make the game really fun. There are three bonus icons, enabling six different bonus actions, which massively increases the decision space and adds a level of juicy strategy. Bonuses are stored until you want to use them. As play is simultaneous and everyone uses the same dice rolls, it’s often the use of well-timed bonus actions that separates the winner from the pack. The changes you can make to the dice rolls with a few hearts, a couple of pumpkins and a coin give you delicious moments where you can revel in your own power and cleverness.

Originally available as a print and play, this boxed version – with its chunky dice, colourful cards and terrific solo campaign – is well worth the money.

Ellie Dix


Designer: Jamie Stegmaier

Publisher: Stonemaier Games

Time: 30 minutes

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Players: 1-6

Ages: 14+

Price: £20

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