Mice and Mystics review

16 December 2015
miceandmystics-32436.jpg Mice and Mystics
A new twist on the dungeon crawling genre

Plaid Hat Games | Fantasy adventure | £59.99 | 1-4 players | 120 minutes | www.plaidhatgames.com 

Dungeon-crawls are ten a penny in the world of tabletop gaming. Take a generic group of heroes, kit them out with enough equipment to break their backs, and then send them into a deep, dark, dungeon.

Mice and Mystics takes a typical dungeon-crawl, adds a fantastic story, and transforms your usual hero stereotypes into tiny mice. Everything in the game fits the theme, right down to the equipment which includes acorn helmets and toothpick swords! 

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Playable as a campaign, or as single chapters, the Mice and Mystics story begins in Castle Andon. Here, the the King has fallen under the evil influence of the witch, Vanestra. But before she can take complete control of the castle’s occupants, Prince Collin and Maginos, the resident magic-wielder, escape.
Maginos casts a spell that transforms himself, Prince Collin, and a group of fellow escapees into tiny mice. They then flee into the sewers where they encounter numerous bands of vicious cockroaches, spiders, rats and centipedes.
The Mice and Mystics rules are fairly easy to follow and generally involve rolling dice. In fact, you’ll probably understand the majority of them by the end of the very first chapter. Through interesting, yet simple, gameplay - Mice and Mystics lends itself very nicely to family game time and is often highly recommended by parents who engage with their children through play. 

In a nutshell, the cute miniatures look amazing, the artwork is gorgeous, and the storyline immerses you entirely. However, despite the cute theme, Mice and Mystics is also a great game for adults and offers a quality co-operative experience with some genuinely exciting challenges. 

Finally, when you’re done with the story included in the base set, there’s plenty more adventures available in the form of the brilliant Heart of Glorm and Downwood Tales expansions. (Tom Randell, www.gamesquest.co.uk/blog)

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