French Toast Review

07 August 2022
Where does this sit in the crowded party game market?

Is a balloon more like a horse than it is like French toast? This is the sort of question you’ll have to grapple with in French Toast, a party game for 2-10+ players. Following a common party game template; one player is given a word on a card and must help other people guess the word they’ve been given. The catch? They may only repeat the guesses of their teammates back to them.

With each guess made, the clue giver must consider if the guess is closer to the word than the previous guess. If it is, they repeat the new guess, if it isn’t they repeat the previous guess back. All games begin with the guessers asking if the word is French toast. From there you have 30 seconds of guessing before the round ends. At the end of each round the clue giver provides a hint via a deck of hint cards and a six increment scale from ‘is’ to ‘is not’. At the end of the sixth round if the word has not been guessed, then everyone loses.

The party game market is a crowded one and I’m not sure French Toast does much to stand out. The initial novelty of having to give clues in Kenku-like fashion definitely provides the tinder for some friendly arguments once the target word is revealed. Whether a horse is more like a dog or a pig for instance (Dog of course…). However, after a couple of games it started to feel like twenty questions as we got better at offering clues that quickly narrowed down the category of what the word could be. Though there’s fun to be had introducing it to people for the first time, it doesn’t do enough to recommend it alongside recent party game hits like Just One or classics like Monikers.



Designer: Peter C. Hayward

Publisher: Blue Beard Entertainment

Time: 10 minutes

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Players: 2+

Ages: 8+

Price: £30


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