Flat Minis Second Wave accessory review

07 December 2016
flat-mini-review-pic-82415.jpg Flat Minis' dwarf figure
Do these 2D minis stand up to scrutiny? Or do they fall down, erm, flat?

The second wave of Flat Minis’ eponymous 2D miniatures introduces five new characters to the stylish range. Well, we say 
new – most of the fresh additions are alternative versions of the previously released 32mm figures.

The packs come unassembled, with a clear plastic stand, clear plastic silhouette (remember to remove the protective film) and a PVC sticker which folds under the bottom of the outline to provide the double-sided image as a single connected label. 
This helps the two sides of the sticker match up on either side of the plastic shape, which is cut within millimetre accuracy to line up with the sticker – making it relatively easy to apply the sticker without having to peel, readjust and reapply multiple times.

As with the first wave of Flat Minis, the artwork is bold and colourful, providing cartoon takes on RPG tropes such as the dwarf warrior, axe-wielding barbarian and armour-clad paladin.

The artwork features front- and back-facing art, following the models to be used in RPGs and games where direction impacts gameplay.

The stickers are printed with clear lines and the hues roundly pop. The plastic outlines are relatively thin (0.7mm) and flexible, but showed little sign of snapping or becoming warped when subjected to a quick bending test. The bases for the variously sized models, from the dwarf to the taller barbarian, remained stable and upright when gently flicked – but don’t expect them to survive a major knock.

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The stickers feel reassuringly thick and durable, and didn’t appear to fade or tear when scratched with a fingernail. However, this was not the case when the newly stickered shapes were squeezed into the tight bases, causing several of the stickers to be pushed up and tear at the bottom by the plastic nubs designed to hold the slice tightly.

For those looking for a quick and relatively cheap way to add some life to their RPG session, and lack the time or money to pick up and paint 3D miniatures, the Flat Minis present a visually pleasing and generally high-quality solution – if you can avoid ripping them as you put them together.


Manufacturer: Flat Minis

Price: €2 (each)

Website: flatminis.com


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