Dixit review

16 December 2015
dixit-06491.jpg Dixit
Once upon a time there was a wonderful story-telling game

Asmodee | Story-telling | £29.99 | 3-6 players | 30 minutes | www.asmodee.com 

While some tabletop games require huge amounts of tactical decisions or rolling countless dice to see who beats who in a scrap to the death, Dixit is something very different. Instead you’re armed with a handful of beautifully illustrated cards and must best your opposition not with guns or swords but with your imagination and ability to tell a story. Are you sitting comfortably? Then let us begin…

Each turn one player is the storyteller who must select on of their six cards and then, as the name might imply, tell a story about it. The cards themselves are illustrated with a range of pictures featuring fairly straight forward elements like dragons or giants to more bizarre concepts, like a picture of some stairs or an island contained within a drop of water.
Anyway, on your turn you must think of a description of that card and then tell that to the other players. It can be anything from a noise, to a short story or even a poem, if that’s your sort of thing. For example, one card shows a small boy facing off against a dragon – you could describe that as ‘fight’ or ‘hopelessness’ maybe even ‘George’. The other players must then look at their own cards and think of a card they’ve got that could also mean the same. All the cards are placed into the middle and shuffled around. 

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Next the cards are turned over to reveal what everyone has chosen and the players who weren’t the storyteller must secretly guess which card belonged to the storyteller. For the storyteller to score points at least one person must correctly guess their card, but they’ll receive points for everyone else that doesn’t – so you can’t be too obtuse with your description otherwise no one will guess correctly and you won’t score. Dixit is a game that perfectly demonstrates the wonderful variety of tabletop gaming and is a joyous introductory title.

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