Colt Express review

16 December 2015
coltexpress-92395.jpg Colt Express
A rootin' tootin' robbin' riot

Asmodee | Family game | 2-6 players | 40 minutes | 

Forgot boring 2D boards, they’re the past and Colt Express is the future because it comes on a 3D playing board. No, we don’t mean you have to wear those weird cinema glasses while things pop out at you, we just mean that Colt Express’ board is an actual three dimensional cardboard train. This is one of those titles when a passerby is likely to stop and ask what you’re doing because it’s so eye-catching – there are even fake cacti to dot about around the train to complete the Wild West feel.

The train isn’t just for show either, oh no – your little meeple will be dashing through the corridors of the train going from carriage to carriage and even running about on top of it to recreate your favourite scenes from action-packed film scenes. Don’t be surprised if you start shouting ‘yee-hah’ while playing and spitting in a bucket.

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You play as a group of bandits trying to hold up the train and each turn you draw action cards that can be used to give instructions to your bandits. Some allow them to move up and down the train, punch other bandits or even shoot at them… well this is the Wild West. The number of action cards you can play is dictated by the game and sometimes you’ll be forced to play more than once.

Of course, the plan is to outwit your opponents by trying to predict what they’re going to do and then playing you action cards accordingly. So, you might want to head into the next carriage and punch someone in the face… but unfortunately they’ve decided to head up on the roof to get closer to the treasure, which means you end up swinging your fists into thin air. This leads to some hilarious moments as your best laid plans go completely to pot. Don’t take it too seriously and Colt Express is a rip-roaring rootin’ tootin’ robbing ride for rapscallions and any other words that begin with ‘r’.

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