Cobra Paw review

11 July 2018
cobra-paw-copy-85535.png Cobra Paw
A fast and simple game to get your claws into

Having about as much to do with cats as Bananagrams has to do with plantains, Cobra Paw is a blazingly quick reaction game about grabbing dominos.

The components are few, but they are absolutely lovely. The dominos are delightfully weighty and engraved with abstract symbols that match a pair of equally chunky dice that clunk along the table with a gleeful heft. Once the dice stop, everyone tries to snatch the matching domino – helped by the addition of a dimple in the middle of each piece. 

That’s about it, but things quickly become a hectic scramble to hunt down each domino – especially as already claimed pieces can be stolen by nabbing them out of their owner’s pile before they can protect them. It’s oh so simple, but oh so fun – it’s easy to see this becoming a favourite of families looking for a five-minute filler (or those after a ridiculous drinking game).

A few optional variants provide some variety, but there’s little need to overegg what is at heart a very basic but simply enjoyable crowdpleaser. No wonder they put a cat on the front.

The game’s fast playing time and fantastic components are only let down by the fact the dominos and dice come in a box that is both overly big and pretty rubbish, with an egg box-style insert. In a nice fabric bag or the right compact travel case, this could be an essential travel game for a frantic few minutes. For us, it’s worth the extra bit of effort.


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Designer: Derek Weston

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Artist: Laura Catasciato

Time: 5-10 minutes

Players: 2-6

Age: 5+

Price: £15


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