Every March 31, on the eve of the feast of Santa Walpurga, Mephistopheles organises a great coven and the witches come out to celebrate. Wisps are lit, leading or losing villagers on Mount Brocken. The villagers must protect themselves, but who is a witch and who is a villager? Walpurgisnacht: The Dance of the Witches is an occult role-playing game, in which players will belong to one side: witches or villagers. In each turn they will try to reveal information to know which players are from their own side, and in this way they will manage to obtain the most points possible for their side. In each turn each player will have to carry out three phases: 1. The path of the will-o'-the-wisps. 2. The delivery of the rites. 3. The dance of the witches. The game will end immediately once the Walpurga card has been revealed. The side with the most points will be the winner.