The Two Heirs

The Two Heirs is a strategy competitive tableau-bulding games for 1 to 2 players. Players take a role of two siblings who are trying to impress their royal father with the ability to rule. The winner takes the crown. In the game the players build cards with building using 3 resources – wood, grain and stone. The buildings to build are selected from a rondel of cards. The cards available are determined by a number of warbands placed on the rondel. But warbands are also necessary for the tableau-building part, since the new buildings can be built only within the reach of the warband. Also, the resources available are determined with a similar way. The warband movement therefore plays a vital role in player’s task to achieve victory. The consists of 6 interchangeable modules, each with 9 buildings. For each game players select 3 of those modules which grants a great replay value to the game.

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