Stacking Frogs

-Ion Award Finalist 2023 In Stacking Frogs, you are the owner of your very own frog circus! Collect colourful frogs by drafting them over three short acts and build up your circus to be the best in the world. Each act, players will draft frogs from a hand that decreases in size throughout the game. These frogs are better in certain situations than others and if you cover any frog but the orange one, you can no longer score its ability. Some frogs trigger immediately such as the green frog (which allows you to move a frog from one stack to another, even between stages) or the pink frog (which allows you to recruit more frogs). Both abilities are very important for expanding your stage and decreasing the size of your opponents' stage. You are limited to a stage of 3 stacks by 3 stacks and if you neglect to fill one of the nine spots on your stage you'll be penalized, so you need to balance strong stacks with an expansive stage. Dual frogs are thrown into the mix to give more variety and open up entertaining combos such as a yellow frog being worth up to 15 points or adding an extra point to each blue frog!