Retro Tetro

Retro Tetro has malfunctioned and is threatening the homes of all of the Meeple People! Save the video board game world from rogue polyomino buildings by diverting them carefully around the Meeple People and onto their proper places. As the hero of the digital world, use the foresight granted to you by the polyomino cards and use precision to maximise points in the retro style puzzle game. The game is played over 24 short rounds of one card each. When each card is revealed, you will choose which of the pieces to slide onto your own personal Arcade Board following two main rules: Like pieces cannot touch sides. AND You cannot play a piece underneath one already placed. Over the course of the game, you will gain bonus points in the form of coins by covering spaces with matching pieces on the board or from completing highlighted half rows. If you are unable to play a piece for any reason, you will lose two of your hard earned coins for each! You must plan efficiently to avoid this, keeping in mind that, out of the 8 possible shapes, you only get 4 of each. Score at the end of the game for collected coins, building tall columns, covering gold squares at the top of the board and saving Meeple People. Add in "?" cards that let you pick any piece you want and abilities that give you a chance at extra points or take on the evil Tetro Corporation in 12 challenging solo levels and Retro Tetro will entertain you for hours!

**Currently a finalist for the BostonFIG Tabletop Showcase for 2022.**