Mandala Mind

In Mandala Mind: The Card Game, you play as the frame of mind of a person who is meditating on an image of a mandala. This person is distracted at the beginning of their meditation, and your goal is to help them focus. Once focus has been achieved, you will have succeeded in bringing them into the joy of the present moment! A game is played over a series of rounds, where you will move a pawn around a 3 x 3 grid of mandala cards removing distraction using frame of mind actions and mandala abilities. Before each game, you will choose a scenario to play, which provides a unique puzzle to solve. Each scenario has two phases that have different goals for you to complete. You win the game by achieving optimal focus at scenario-specific mandala cards in the warm-up (first) phase and by removing all distraction from every mandala in the meditation (second) phase.