Gumball World

-Ion Award Finalist 2023 In Gumball World, players are teenagers who have just been hired for their first part time job at a candy store! Sounds pretty chill, right? Not with Mr. Gimble running things! Who needs minimum wage when you are as greedy as Gimble? You only get paid for filling the gumball machines in the way that Gimble insists and lose money if even one gumball is out of place. Interpret the instructions better than your fellow employees to win the game while choosing the right time to bribe Mr. Gimble with quarters to get special concessions! Fill the gumball machines by selecting 2 gumballs each turn and using a simulated gravity mechanic to place them from the base (as well as the bottom walls) all the way to the top! With no universal scoring, the Instruction Cards you pick are of the utmost importance because they will determine how many points you score and you must take seven of them!