Fabled: The Spirit Lands

The End of Times is coming. The Gods have ruled over the human and spirits worlds for aeons, but soon the time will come for them to depart into oblivion. On the verge of the Universe facing its rebirth, the Gods will entrust its reigns to the worthiest among the sage brotherhoods of humans. The greatest contest has begun, one neither world has ever seen before! In Fabled, your brotherhood explores the fabulous lands of the spirit world. Your sages follow winding paths and visit fabled places along the way. Mighty allies assist them in their journey. Your ultimate goal is to gather books of wisdom, as they contain the magic essence of the Universe. The most prized of all are the books of Sun. The brotherhood to collect the most will receive the reins of the Universe from the Gods. You have two ways to experience the game: competitively or opposing the Spirits — a game-controlled brotherhood created by the Gods. The Spirits may be faced solo, cooperatively with other players, or each player for themselves.

Technical Notes

>>> >>> FIRST TIME PLAYING • The Forest Ally cards are shuffled into the Ally deck. Set a Forest Ally card aside (remove from the game) when you draw it and replace with the next card from the deck until you have a Prairie or Mountains Ally. There are 8 Forest Ally cards in the deck.

>>> THE CHALLENGE • 1 human player: Choose setup for 1 player. • 2-4 human players cooperatively or competitively: Choose +1 player setup (e.g., 4 player setup if you are setting up a 3-player game). Find the Challenge components above the Location cards. Note: The Spirits love the purple player color!

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