Explore diverse territories, develop essential survival skills and fight against the elements of nature.

This is the challenge that Engis provides. There are 8 game rounds, divided into three phases each:

In Phase 1, players skilfully use their pieces (meeples) to explore and conquer a hexagon of territory, which will be incorporated into the individual board, forming a different scenario in each game.

In Phase 2, everyone can perform three main actions in any order: Move parts across territories, Develop skills and Craft objects, weapons and tools.

In Phase 3 each player chooses one of their scoring cards, puts it down on the table and scores, always seeking to optimize each score.

At the end of the game, the storms of nature selected at the beginning, come into play and must be circumvented by the nomadic tribes. The player with the highest score wins and ensures the survival of the species!

Note: Engis is a city in Belgium, where the first fossil of Neanderthal man was found in 1829.

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