Classic Rally

The thrills of classic car rallying, from preparing the car and logistics, to the days on the road competing and assisting the car, in order to try to get it to the finish quicker than the others. This game emulates the features, behaviour and even problems of real life classic cars. At the same time, it simulates the main features of real life road rallying, like road books, checkpoints, weather changes, hazards, service areas, assistance cars, overtaking other cars on the road, etc. This is a strategy game with a great component of logistics, just like in a real life car rally. Fuel and tyres management play a great part on this game. Properly understanding the road book and going the right way is crucial to succeed in this game, as it is in real life car rallying. This game has an initial setup phase, where each player contributes to the construction of the board, by tile placing road segments - this makes every game play unique. Each player manages 2 cars (one competition car and one assistance car), having to select the features of the competition car and what each car will carry. There are dice to influence weather conditions and car malfunctions. There are cards with car features (like sport suspension), car accessories (like fog lights) and consumables (like fuel). The cars are moved by using fuel cards, depending on its feature and accessory cards and influenced by the weather conditions and malfunctions.