Carnival Connect

Carnival Connect is a light-medium weight game, where neighbouring players must work together to build a shared Carnival, despite having different agendas! Neighbouring players must plan and co-operate together if they are to put together just the right combination of colours, rides and train tracks to bag multiple bonus objective points. However, every player has their own scoring agenda in the form of the types of rides to build. Not only does the Carnival have limited space, but each round an old ride must be demolished to make way for new development. How far will players be willing to demolish their scoring rides for a common goal? What negotiation skills and mind games will they bring into play? And how long will they work together amicably before the thought of demolishing their neighbour's high scoring rides becomes a juicy option? At the end of the game, players are awarded points for the bonus objectives their Carnivals have bagged, combined with the number of rides from their scoring agenda that they have built into those Carnivals. The player with the highest total score wins!