You look across the ravaged landscape of Alynthia as Dragons fly through dark clouds overhead. Your fellow guild members look to you for leadership after fleeing the devastation, and you feel the incredible weight of that responsibility. Your beloved guild is a shadow of its former glory and despair threatens to overwhelm you. But you are determined and begin to plan your strategy to reclaim your homeland. In Alynthia’s cooperative mode, a horde of Dragons has just destroyed the cities of Alynthia and built deadly Nests atop their ruins. You are among the survivors who have united to free Alynthia from the Dragons, so you take your turns simultaneously. You must band together to retake the land by defeating all Nests before the end of the game. Don’t wait too long - starting in round 2, if you don’t defeat at least 1 Nest per round, Alynthia will fall. In the competitive mode, it has been years since Alynthia was first decimated by the Dragons. They still roam the land, but they are fewer in number and much less deadly. The time has come to turn your attention to other matters. You are competing against your fellow guild leaders to become the new leader of Alynthia, so you take your turns individually. To win, have the most Renown by the end the game, securing the support of the people. Whether you like working together, fighting your friends, or playing alone, Alynthia lets you play the way you want while seamlessly transitioning between modes. The diverse set of abilities and guilds plus a semi-modular board also ensures that each game will be different. Build outposts, slay dragons, and conquer the land as you seek to win the hearts of the people and lead them on the path to victory. To learn more, check us out here and sign up for email updates to get the latest Alynthia news!