Zombie Kidz Evolution wants to be the first legacy board game for children

02 October 2018
zombie-kids-evolution-23671.jpg Zombie Kidz Evolution
School scares

Nothing says ‘family-friendly’ like the idea of rotting corpses returning to life and trying to eat your brains, right?

Zombie Kidz Evolution (you can tell it’s aimed at those born after 2005 because of that ‘z’) is an upcoming new version of the 2013 co-op game created by Annick Lobet that will become the latest tabletop title to take a stab at the legacy format.

In fact, publisher Le Scorpion Masqué is touting the mission-based experience as the first legacy game created specifically for children, with the recommended age being seven and up. (It’s still zombies, after all.)

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As in the original Zombie Kidz, the players must work together to avoid or eliminate the undead and lock four entry points before too many zombies manage to break into the school in which they’re taking refuge, replacing the cemetery setting from the first game.

The gameplay starts out in similar fashion to the previous game, combining dice rolls, movement and player actions, this time with the promise that things will – you got it – evolve over the course of multiple 15-minute playthroughs, as players earn trophies and extra powers for their characters. Yes, there will also be envelopes with secrets and surprises to open, adding extra content and challenge to later scenarios.

Zombie Kidz Evolution will be out in English at the beginning of next year, following a French release in November.


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